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Into the Woods - Fall 2023


The Witch:  Emma Cook

Narrator/Mysterious Man:  Stuart Vance

The Baker's Wife:  Danielle Rothe

The Baker:  Andy Emmerich

Cinderella:  Rowan Currie

Jack:  Rogan Jackson

Wolf/Cinderella Prince:  Geon Ruffin

Rapunzel's Prince:  Caleb Hand

Little Red Riding Hood: Liv Benson

Rapunzel:  Sarah Sheehan

Jack's Mother:  Andrea Gough

Milky White:  Alex Danley

Cinderella's Stepmother/Ensemble:  Anissa Danley

Lucinda: Trish Domenico

Florinda:  Meredith Strombeck

Granny/Giant/Ensemble: Shannon Dutton

Steward: Jay Hruska

Cinderella's Father/Swing/Ensemble:  Kyle Halkerston

Snow White/Ensemble: Jen Yager

Sleeping Beauty/Ensemble:  Kimberly Cromer

Ensemble:  Mya Meschi


Production Team:

Director:  Anna Ahonen

Music / Vocal Director:  Kate Loeffler, Seth Durbin

Choreography:  Liv Benson/Anna Ahonen

Pianist - Music Support:  Matt Loeb

Producer/Asst. Director/Costumes/Props: Lynn Hodak

Assistant to the Producer:  Kyle Halkerston and Liv Palak

Technical Work:  Center Stage/Anna Ahonen

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