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A little bit about us

I started producing shows to honor my stepfather, Eugene A Southwell.  “Doc” as I called him was a clinical psychologist, college professor, and author.  He was dedicated to child psychology and for creating an inclusive environment for mentally challenged individuals.  AND, he and my Mother were the ones who introduced me to theater. 

After he passed away, we produced our first show 14 years ago and it was “Into the Woods,” with a stellar cast of lovely friends.  We do these shows for charity and to honor Doc.  He was the first person to show me the grace to give to others with two charitable organizations he started, including “The Dr. Charles E Gavin Foundation.”

I am forever grateful to Heather Hutchison for introducing me to this lovely, beautiful and heart-felt show and for directing and portraying the witch in our first show:  teaching our children – “children” will listen,”…woman independence, the love, relationships, the longing…the beautiful score, the complicated characters all speak to me and is my very favorite musical. After that show – we produced a few more shows, including “Peter Pan,” and “Snoopy.”

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